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Health insurance

Individually created to your needs and budget

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Private Medical Insurance

Health insurance provides medical care quickly and saves you facing long NHS waiting times.

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Group Health Insurance

A group health scheme that works hard to keep your business moving in the right direction.

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Cash & Dental Plans

Cash Plan is a type of insurance policy that lets you claim back the cost of essential and everyday healthcare expenses.

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International Health

International health insurance policy that helps to access high quality care while you're living or working overseas

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What is health insurance?

Health Insurance cover is specifically designed to give access to specialist diagnosis and medical treatment on a private basis, without having to go through the NHS. The range of benefits available can include the option to choose where you wish to be treated and can be extended to include dental care.

Policies are annually renewable meaning each year you get to choose whether to stay with your existing provider or move to an insurer who offers you more suitable cover. You’ll need to disclose any pre existing medical conditions as if you have any, the insurer may apply certain limits or exclude cover. As long as you have paid all of your premiums you can claim against each separate area of the policy for which cover is provided.

Why do I need it?

The NHS faces massive strains upon its resources which means that access to medical treatment at a time when you need it and a place that’s convenient to you can be hard to guarantee. The speed of diagnosis and the time between diagnosis and treatment can be critical with many illnesses as can having immediate access to the most effective drugs and procedures. Having the right private health care cover in place can make all the difference.

What happens next?

Everyone has different needs but for sure everyone wants to have the speed and quality of care that gives them the best chance of recovering from a serious llness. It’s the job of our personal advisers to find out just what your needs are, talk about them with you and let you know how best they can be fulfilled.

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